To the Heart of the Womb and to the Peripheries

In the introduction to this blog, I promised that from time to time I would pass along other writing, scholarship or blog pieces I found interesting or inspiring. Today, I do so from two of my law school colleagues: Teresa Collett and Mark Osler. Both are committed Christians, thoughtful colleagues and passionate advocates. Teresa has been a champion for the protection of life in the womb for years and Mark is second to none in his advocacy for the generous extension of clemency to those in prison.

On this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the only way we will move forward to the hope of a better future is by promoting a Consistent Life Ethic – one that transcends narrow political interests. Christians must lead the way in promoting conditions consistent with the dignity of life throughout life’s continuum. To that end, I would recommend Charlie Camosy’s new book, Resisting Throwaway Culture.

Regarding Teresa’s piece, “Pro-life lawyer: I want abortion abolished, but direct challenges to Roe hurt our case”, with which I wholeheartedly agree, I would only add that pro life supporters who think they will gain the vote of Chief Justice John Roberts, the ultimate institutionalist, with a full throated and direct attack on Roe, are mistaken. Prudence, diligence and the hope for the bending arc of history will win the day…and continued prayer.

Regarding Mark’s piece “Sunday Reflection: Into the high desert prison”, I would add that his journey to the high dessert of California is exactly the type of discipleship that Pope Francis calls Christians to when he exhorts us to go to the peripheries – existential and otherwise. And also, boy do I need to get better at this blog writing thing. Mark’s descriptive prose, accessibility and brevity are inspiring and humbling.

God is indeed good all the time!